Shift Leaders

Cindy Rothpletz

Shift Lead

I’m Cindy, and I have a deep affection for my role at Ina Road Animal Hospital. From a young age, I knew that my path was meant to be intertwined with animals. My educational journey provided me with numerous chances to engage with them, from interning at a zoo to working at a horse center. These experiences ultimately guided me to become a part of the Ina Road Animal Hospital family.

In my personal life, I’m proud to have three little flower girls named Lilly, Violet, and Dahlia. They bring joy and color to my world. I also have a dog named Stitch. I’ve been a member of the Ina Road Animal Hospital team since July 2002, and every day brings new opportunities to make a positive impact on the lives of animals and their human companions.

Nabeh Mixton

Shift Lead

I’m Nabeh, born and bred in Tucson, and I’m honored to serve as the Lead Veterinary Assistant in our exceptional team! My fascination with the veterinary field has been a lifelong passion, and I take immense pride in lending a voice to those who can’t communicate in our language. I started working here at Ina Road in 2020.

This profession has always felt like a perfect fit for me, and I genuinely cherish what I do. Even though it can be demanding at times, I can’t envision myself pursuing any other path.

Beyond the clinic, my heart is filled with love for my three fur babies. Honey and Homefry, my two cats, hold a special place in my life, and my pitty baby, Rose, is co-parented by me. These cherished creatures are my only babies, and I relish every moment I spend with them.

Danielle K.

Certified Veterinary Technician

I’m Danielle, a certified veterinary technician and proud shift lead at Ina Road Animal Hospital. For the past seven years, I’ve been dedicated to this team. Tucson is my hometown, and in 2012, I earned my AAS in Veterinary Technology. It was during my internship at Ina Road that I felt an undeniable connection with the team and chose to make it my professional home. I started working here at Ina Road in 2016.

The confirmation that I’m in the right profession comes from my unwavering passion for working with animals. My job satisfaction stems from being able to assist both pets and their caring owners in times of need.

When I’m not at the hospital, my world revolves around spending quality time with my two beloved daughters and my trusty canine companion, Pebbles!