Customer Service

Ezra Glenn

Client Service Representatives

I’m Ezra Glenn, and I take pride in my role as a dedicated receptionist at Ina Road. My journey with the company began in February of 2022. Currently, I’m a senior at the Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, where I’m majoring in business management. My passion for animal welfare has been a driving force since my early years.

Senior cats and dogs hold a special place in my heart, and I find great joy in interacting with them during my time at work. My aspirations extend beyond my current role – I aim to work in nonprofit management and, someday, establish an animal sanctuary. My experience at Ina Road has provided me with invaluable insights into veterinary medicine and the compassionate care animals deserve.

My own feline companion, Chicken, faced health challenges, allowing me to witness firsthand the exceptional and knowledgeable care delivered by the IRAH team. This experience reinforced my belief in the importance of creating positive impacts for both people and pets on a daily basis.

Elissa G.

Client Service Representatives

I’m Elissa, a Tucson native through and through. My educational journey led me to Pima Medical Institute, where I graduated from the Veterinary Assistant program in 2014.

The profound love I hold for animals fueled my determination to forge a career in the veterinary industry. I’ve had the privilege of gaining experience in grooming, boarding, and working in a veterinary clinic. What truly resonates with me about this field is the opportunity to encounter a diverse array of breeds and to play a role in each patient’s journey, from their growth to their recovery.

Beyond the clinic, I revel in moments spent with my cherished family – my husband, son, two lively pugs, and a French bulldog. Road trips, hikes, and embracing the role of a mom are among my favorite pastimes. My compassionate nature drives me to deliver exceptional care to animals, both within the clinic and beyond its walls.

Cynthia Macias

Client Service Representatives

I’m Cynthia Macias, a receptionist at the esteemed Ina Road Animal Hospital, located in beautiful Tucson, Arizona. My journey with this reputable veterinary practice began in 2021 when I made the move from Kansas City, Missouri to be closer to my family.

My lifelong passion for animals has always been a driving force in my life. During my high school years, I had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside these incredible creatures, igniting my fascination with the veterinary industry. What brings me the most joy is playing a role in their care and having the privilege to witness their recovery and the happiness they bring.

When I’m not at the clinic, I’m a certified scuba instructor with a profound love for exploring the underwater realm. Scuba diving has opened my eyes to the wonders of marine life, and this experience has nurtured my desire to safeguard and conserve their habitats. Beyond my role at Ina Road, I’m deeply committed to promoting animal welfare and consistently seek ways to support this important cause.