Barbara Devine

Veterinary Technician

I’m Barbara Devine, though I hail from the bustling streets of New York City, my love for animals has been a constant presence in my life. I pursued a B.S. in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology at St. John’s University. After a fulfilling career as a Special Agent with The Drug Enforcement Administration, I decided to heed my lifelong passion for animals. In 2007, I stepped into the world of veterinary care and haven’t looked back since. My journey led me to Arizona in 2001, and I started working here at Ina Road Animal Hospital in 2013.

As a veterinary technician at Ina Road Animal Hospital, I derive immense satisfaction from working with animals each day. The chance to aid animals and their owners during their times of need is what truly fuels my passion. My special connection with animals has been evident throughout my life, evident in my numerous pets, including two Australian Shepherds named Kilo and Narc, and my current companions, Hoka and Tempo.

Beyond my role as a technician, I also groom horses and share my expertise in dog obedience. When I’m not tending to animals, you can find me relishing time with my husband of 28 years. I also enjoy pursuits like running, painting, and strumming the drums and guitar. My heart truly beats for animals, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their lives each day.

Frank Cortes

Veterinary Technician

I’m Frank Cortes and I’m a certified veterinary technician at Ina Road Animal Hospital, where I’ve been since 2021. I’ve spent most of my life here in Tucson, Arizona, completing my education in this vibrant city, including my graduation from the University of Arizona. Driven by my affection for animals and the urge to create a positive impact, I chose to pursue a career in the veterinary field. The joy of witnessing animals’ growth and nurturing a bond with them has been a rewarding journey.

It became clear to me that I had found my true calling in the veterinary profession when I began experiencing more days filled with genuine happiness in my work, rather than just fulfilling a job role.

When I’m not at the hospital, I’m an avid traveler. I’ve had the privilege of exploring countless breathtaking destinations around the world. Among my favorites are Japan and Italy, two places that have left a lasting impression on me. The allure of discovering new locales, meeting diverse individuals, and immersing myself in different cultures is a passion that continually fuels my desire to explore.

Stephen Ball

Certified Veterinary Technician

I’m Stephen, a certified veterinary technician who became a part of this incredible team back in 2004. Over the years, I’ve accumulated a wealth of experience, shaping me into a highly skilled and knowledgeable member of our family.

Beyond my professional role, my interests and hobbies span a diverse spectrum. I hold certifications as a remote pilot and drone pilot, fueling my love for capturing unique perspectives through photography. As an enthusiast of all things cheese-related, I take great pleasure in indulging my taste buds. My passions extend to outdoor pursuits like mountain biking, backpacking, and rock climbing, where I embrace the challenges of nature. Soccer is both a coaching commitment and a personal pastime, a sport I both teach and play with passion.

However, my life is most significantly enriched by my role as a devoted husband and a father of two wonderful souls. Amidst all this, I carry a mischievous sense of humor, often playing pranks and showcasing my wicked Gollum impersonations, adding a touch of laughter to the mix.

Barbara Martinez

Veterinary Assistant

I’m Barbara Martinez, a Veterinary Assistant who has proudly contributed to the Ina Road team since 1997!

After pursuing my education in California, I returned to my beloved Tucson, AZ due to my affection for the desert environment and climate.

Before venturing into the realm of Vet Assisting, I dedicated my time as a Special Education Teacher. However, my heart’s desire had always been to care for pets in the veterinary field.

My journey at Ina Road Animal Hospital spanning all these years has been deeply fulfilling. The people I work with are more than just colleagues – they’re like family to me. Engaging with clients and tending to their pets brings immense reward and joy. I find solace and delight at Ina Road Animal Hospital, making it my favorite place to be and my favorite thing to do.

When I’m not at the hospital, I relish moments spent with my husband and our golden retrievers, soaking in the joys of life outside of work.

Rhonda Readence 

Veterinary Assistant

I’m Rhonda, a Veterinary Assistant at Ina Road Animal Hospital nestled in Tucson, Arizona. My Veterinary Assistant Certification was earned from Pima Medical Institute in 2016. Though originally from Cleveland, Ohio, the allure of Tucson led me to make a significant change in 2012, escaping the frigid winters. I started working here at Ina Road in 2018.

Having spent years in the banking industry, I opted for a career shift into veterinary care driven by my love for animals and my desire to make a positive impact.

My role as a voice and advocate for animals is what I cherish most about my job. Beyond work, I find solace in exploring the Southwestern landscapes, especially the Navajo Nation. My home is a haven for animals, housing a diverse array including seven cats, a German Shepherd, axolotls, hermit crabs, fish, and even a tarantula.

Gabby Ames

Veterinary Assistant

I’m Gabby, originally hailing from Virginia, but I’ve embraced the beauty of Tucson as my home for the last 15 years. My current journey finds me as an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, majoring in Veterinary Science. Witnessing the improvement in animals’ health and overall well-being is incredibly gratifying for me. I started working here at Ina Road in 2022. I take immense joy in aiding animals to thrive and heal from ailments or injuries. The emotional bond between owners and their pets truly warms my heart, as it’s inspiring to witness these cherished relationships.

Away from my studies and work, my interests are diverse and vibrant. I find delight in exploring new places, hiking through nature’s wonders, and expressing myself through dance, having danced for over 16 years. Music also holds a special place in my heart; I play both the flute and the piano. Additionally, I channel my passion for animals through volunteering at a local wildlife center, where I contribute to the care of Tucson’s captivating desert creatures.

Astrid Gardner

Veterinary Assistant

I was born in Tucson, AZ. I graduated from The Gregory School in 2019. After taking a few years off of school to focus on work and my horseback riding career, I recently resumed classes at Pima Community College. I have been working as a Veterinary Assistant since 2022. I started at a mobile mixed animal practice before coming to Ina Road Animal Hospital in 2023.

Animals are second nature to me. I was raised by animal lovers, and have not gone a day without having a pet in the house. As a vet assistant, I enjoy being able to comfort animals during stressful times.

My life outside of work consists of caring for my dog, horses, and many cats. I am a lifelong equestrian with a focus on rehabilitating/training racehorses for careers beyond the track. I currently participate in 3-day eventing with my young thoroughbred, Thumper.

Kellie Reeves


I’m Kellie, and I’ve been a proud member of the Ina Road team since October 2017. Though I was born in Colorado, Tucson has been my home for the majority of my life. I graduated from PMI in 2016, marking a pivotal step in my journey. Animals have always held a special place in my heart. It wasn’t until I welcomed my first dog into my life that I felt an undeniable pull toward the world of veterinary medicine. An emergency situation involving my dog prompted me to equip myself with the skills to handle such scenarios. This pivotal experience led me to pursue education in caring for pets, and even on challenging days, I hold my title as a CVT with immense pride.

Beyond my professional life, I share my world with two dogs and four cats, each bringing their unique charm. I’m also an artist, with animals being my favorite subjects to paint. This creative outlet allows me to honor my love for animals in yet another dimension.

Celina Vidal

Veterinary Technician

I’m Celina Vidal, and I’m thrilled to be a Veterinary Technician here at Ina Road Animal Hospital. I’m a Tucson native, born and raised right here in this beautiful city. Currently, I’m enrolled at Pima Community College, pursuing my certificate in Veterinary Technology. It’s been an exciting journey, diving deeper into my passion for caring for animals and honing my skills in the field. I started working here at Ina Road in 2024.

My love for animals has been with me since childhood. I always knew that I wanted to work in a profession where I could make a difference in their lives. Helping animals through their visits to the vet and ensuring they have the best possible experience is truly fulfilling for me. The moment I knew I was in the right profession was during my first clinical internship. Despite feeling a bit overwhelmed at first, the hands-on experience solidified my passion and reaffirmed that I was on the right path. It was a challenging yet exhilarating experience that fueled my excitement for the future in this field.

Outside of work, I cherish spending time with my friends and family. I love exploring new places, whether it’s through traveling or trying new activities that push me out of my comfort zone. Life outside of work is all about embracing new experiences and creating lasting memories with the people I care about most.