Toxic Ingestion

You Need to Be Aware of What Your Pet Is Trying to Eat

Your pets like to eat, and no doubt you may think it's really cute to see them go wild over a treat. That desire to eat can get your pets into trouble if they eat something they're not supposed to eat. Many foods that are safe for humans are toxic to pets, but the pets try to grab them anyway because they want to eat what you're eating. Pets may chew on toxic plants too, or eat something random while out for a walk. In all cases, you need to get your pets to an urgent care center for animals as fast as you can if this happens. Ina Road Animal Hospital in Tucson, AZ is ready to help your pets in the case of toxic ingestion.


The Best Treatment Is Prevention

It's tough to do, but you have to watch what your pets have access to. Watch dogs very closely when they are outside. They can often pick up something they shouldn't while sniffing around. These items can range from discarded human foods to berries from toxic plants. Cats can sneak food off your plate when you aren't looking, and if the food contains garlic, onions, or another foods that are toxic to animals, your pets could suffer liver damage or other organ damage as a result.

If the worst has happened and your pet just ate something it shouldn't have, call an animal urgent care center or an emergency animal hospital department to speak with a veterinarian immediately. Sometimes, the amount the pet ingests is small enough that you just need to monitor the pet for signs of trouble. However, don't make that judgment call yourself. Let a veterinarian or Pet Poison Control assist you.

If you do need to bring your pet in to see a vet, don't delay. If you can save part of whatever your pet was trying to eat, place it in a bag and show your vet. Something that is unidentifiable to you may be recognizable to the vet, and that can help in your pet’s treatment.

Have Urgent Care Center Numbers Handy

Ina Road Animal Hospital in Tucson, AZ is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, including weekends. Contact us at (520) 544-7700 to get help for your pet. We also handle routine animal care by appointment, so if you're new in town and are looking for excellent veterinary care, including microchipping and pet dental care, we can help you.


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