Pet Surgery

The idea of pet surgery is always scary. It’s an excellent idea to know where you can get animal urgent care and what to expect from the process when you have an emergency with your pet. In Tucson, AZ, our veterinarians at Ina Road Animal Hospital provide the care that your pet needs, whether it is routine or an emergency.


Why Do Pets Need Surgery?

There are many different surgeries, and each fills a different need. Some surgeries are extremely simple and relatively painless. Spaying and neutering are very common procedures, but they are still considered major surgeries. In most cases, surgery is used to resolve a health condition that is afflicting a pet. This can apply to treating injuries, diseases, and chronic health issues. Surgeries range in severity and invasiveness. The one thing you can trust is that your vet will never recommend an unnecessary surgery. Each procedure has its purpose, and that purpose will be explained to you in detail.

Do Pets Need Anesthesia?

With any significant surgery, your pet will receive some kind of anesthetic. The type and application will vary depending on your pet, their condition, and the type of surgery being performed. In some cases, it’s best to put the pet completely under. In other cases, it is important to keep them conscious and only anesthetize the area being treated. Before surgery, we’ll discuss anesthesia and any other concerns you may have. Keeping you informed is an important part of the process, and our veterinarians want you to understand what your pet is going through and why.

What to Expect from Surgery

The first thing to remember is that your pet needs preparation. They will take cues from how you act, so if you’re overly nervous, it will affect their mental state too. Try to be as calm and comforting as possible for their sake. While you’re at it, a bath goes a long way. Surgery is a sterile procedure. A clean pet will fare better. It’s a pretty universal rule. Your pet should go in for surgery on an empty stomach. This is to prevent vomiting from anesthesia, which can become a major and dangerous complication.

Any other specific preparations will be discussed by the veterinarian. We’ll make sure you know what is needed. We’ll discuss the details of the procedure and what you should expect the day of the operation. We’ll also take you through a post-op guide to make sure you and your pet are properly prepared for the road to recovery.

Pet surgery can feel like a big event, but you can rest assured that our veterinarians do this every day. Ina Road Animal Hospital in Tucson is committed to taking great care of your pet. Call us today at (520) 544-7700 to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure your pet gets the best care possible.


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