Pet Microchipping

Here at Ina Road Animal Hospital in Tucson, AZ, our veterinarians understand the value and importance of microchipping domesticated pets. Whether they get lost, have a tendency to run away or if you frequently travel with your pet, microchips can help animals reunite with their owners.


What Is Microchipping?

Your pet will likely feel nothing more than a slight pinch, just as they do when getting vaccinations or injections, as one of our veterinarians inserts a tiny chip in your pet’s neck or scruff area. Inserted into a syringe and gently placed beneath the skin, the microchip insertion process only takes seconds and requires no anesthesia. Pets resume normal activities right away, and pet microchipping at our animal hospital is very affordable.

The Benefits of Microchipping Pets

Timid animals tend to run during loud occasions like parties or Fourth of July fireworks, while other animals may bolt out the door every chance they get. Sometimes, pets just get lost or stolen and become nearly impossible to find through traditional means. This is where the chip comes into play by helping pets get reunited with their owners. Statistically, cats and dogs have a 40 percent chance or better of making their way home if they are microchipped versus non-chipped animals.

How Pet Microchips Work

Pet microchips are not tracking devices in any sense. Essentially, the chips are dormant and only ‘do’ anything once an animal is found and taken to an animal shelter or veterinarian’s office to be scanned. If a chip is detected, the scanner lets the technician know and then information concerning the owner’s contact details can be retrieved by authorized users of the database registry. The information is then used to notify the pet owner in an attempt to make arrangements for pickup.

Do Pet Microchips Have Any Side Effects

In most cases, there is no reaction experienced by pets after insertion. In some cases, the chip can move a few inches to another area of the body, but it is still safe for the animal. Because the chip is not constantly active nor is it a GPS tracker, pet microchipping is completely safe and releases no harmful electromagnetic frequencies. As passive devices, the chip is only active when it is scanned. At a cost less than a routine office exam, can you afford not to have your pet microchipped?

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