Digital Ultrasound

How a Digital Pet Ultrasound Can Help Us Diagnose Your Furry Friend

You love your pets, and worry about them when they aren't well. If you see that they're acting differently, aren't eating properly, or having other problems, taking them to your veterinarian can be the right choice. You may even need pet urgent care if their health seems to be declining quickly. At Ina Road Animal Hospital in Tucson, AZ, you can get a pet ultrasound that can provide you with a diagnosis and help you decide the next course of action. It can be stressful not knowing if your pets are healthy or if there's something seriously wrong. Getting the right help and diagnosis can make a big difference and provide peace of mind, as well. 


Your Veterinarian Is Focused on Your Pets’ Health

Just like your doctor is focused on your health, your veterinarian is focused on the health and well-being of your pets. When you take your pets to the vet for a checkup, or for more urgent levels of care, you give your pets the best chance of living a healthy life. It's important to correct problems as soon as you can, or catch issues before they become too significant. By doing that, you can give your pets a longer life and reduce any suffering or discomfort they may be facing. Even with regular checkups, there can still be a need for more testing if your pets are showing signs of something being wrong. An ultrasound can help.

A Pet Ultrasound Means a Better Diagnosis

When you bring your furry friends in for pet urgent care, it's generally because your pets aren't acting like their usual selves. Your veterinarian will do a standard checkup and may also do bloodwork to look for problems. It's also possible that you'll need to agree to a pet ultrasound, which will look for internal problems that could be affecting your pet's health, happiness, and quality of life. If anything is found from that test, you and your veterinarian can talk about the potential treatments and outcomes to consider. That can help you decide on the right plan of action to help your pet as much as possible.

Pet Urgent Care in Tucson is Available From Us Today

At Ina Road Animal Hospital in Tucson, AZ, you can get a pet ultrasound to help with diagnosis. Not only will that give you a better understanding of your pet's health, but it can allow you and your vet to work together in the best interest of your four-legged friend. When you need pet urgent care, an ultrasound can be one of the tests that really makes a difference in planning the right interventions and treatments for the future. Give us a call at 520-544-7700 to schedule an appointment or notify us of your pets’ need for urgent care.


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