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Kitten Plan

Congratulations on the recent adoption of a new member to your family. Just as human babies need frequent exams, vaccinations and care, so does your kitten. Our kitten plan has been created to give your kitten the best in medical care during his/her time of growing and developing. We will be able to point out changes in development, both normal and abnormal, properly administer the needed vaccinations, offer tips on house training and other kitten behavior issues, nutrition recommendations and advice on many other areas that may be of concern or interest to you. Good medical care and pertinent information during the formative months of your pet's life will help ensure a better quality life for your pet.

  • Complete health examinations at the time of well-care appointments
  • 2 feline leukemia tests
  • FIV test (Includes a Heartworm test)
  • FVRCP vaccine
  • Rabies vaccine
  • 1 free office call/exam should your pet become sick or injured
  • Choice of 1 free dental kit of Hexarinse™
  • $5.00 off microchip (Permanent pet identification)
  • 10% off feline Heartguard™
  • 10% off spay/neuter services
  • 3 free nail trims
  • Handouts on a wide choice of medical, behavioral and nutrition subjects
  • Fecal exam to check for internal parasites (If positive, medications are not covered under this plan, but we will re-check the fecal at ½ price at the end of the medication.)