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What is Veterinary Dentistry:

Your veterinarian is your pet's dentist, as well as medical doctor.  Ask if you have any questions about the health of your pet's mouth.  We may recommend that the teeth be cleaned and polished.  Scaling removes the plaque and tartar buildup and polishing smooth the surface of teeth to discourage plaque buildup.  Modern veterinary dentistry allows us to safely anesthetize most pets to clean the teeth.  Depending on your ability to brush the teeth, your pet may need its teeth professionally cleaned every 6 months to 1 year.  The frequency of dental prophylaxis (cleaning) varies between each pet and is dependent on the stage of the disease, compliance of the pet, and ability of the pet owner to offer preventative home care.

Below are a list of articles that we have put together to help our clients understand dentistry in more detail.  

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