stephen.jpgStephen Ball,CVT

Stephen enjoys his career choice as lead A.M. Technician, where he can make a difference in people's/pet's lives. Steven owns one pet, a mixed breed he rescued named Molly. His hobbies include photography, playing soccer, hiking, music and movies. He enjoys helping people and family pets. He strives to make a difference by improving lives and educating clients. (With IRAH since 04/2005).


Tasha Rogers

Tasha started at IRAH in 2002 as a receptionist and loved working with animals so much she worked her way into a veterinary assistant position. She is married and two sons, Nathan and Parker, and 3 wonderful pets. Her four-legged friends consist of a Beagle mix named Buster, a Lab mix named Shelby and a gray cat named Innova. She most enjoys offering comfort and care to sick animals and the rewarding smiles their family members give her. (With IRAH since 6/2002).

heatherpicforwebsite_1.jpgSummer Sweet

At age two I was introduced to a big, wet nosed Flat Coated Labrador Retriever named Snoopy; he was my best friend and also the reason I told people I was eventually going to become a veterinarian when I grow up. Many years later I still strive to meet that aspiration and continue to work toward it. I started working in an animal hospital at a young age as a kennel tech primarily scooping and cleaning.
I have learned on the job the ins and outs of veterinary medicine in the past five years along with volunteering at equine centers and wildlife sanctuaries. I love being a technician especially on emergency and surgical shifts.
I currently attend U of A for my Bachelors in Veterinary Science with the ultimate goal to advance to vet school. I own a vibrant young horse named Bella and an adorable Dachshund mix named Sebastian. (With IRAH since 12/2013)

Taylor Netherton